Build New – 7 Reasons To Build New In Denver

Build New vs Buy Existing

Build new? Maybe.

Many home buyers are considering it.

With the current real estate market in Denver, Colorado it may make sense. As the owner of GMH By Design, a residential architecture practice, it’s been my experience that building new vs. buying an existing home has some clear advantages.

Here are 7 reasons to build new instead of purchasing an existing home.

Consulting Architect – The Only One In The World

I know what your thinking…all architects consult.  As a licensed Colorado Architect and founder of GMH By Design I happen to be one.

Consulting Architect

A consulting architect is a design professional.  One who owns their own architecture firm or may work for a multidisciplinary firm.  Consulting architects go to clients and provide services they deem the client needs.

I propose a re-definition for the term