Remodeling – 6 Key Things To Consider

6 Key Things to Consider Prior to Starting Your Remodeling Project

My advice as a licensed architect is to have a “kitchen-table” meeting about the potential project. Changing the flow, function or size of your house can have a significant effect on your lifestyle and the way you use your home. Don’t embark on a remodeling project until you have considered these six key topics.

I have worked with many families. I often guide clients through these topics during our first meeting. Below are six of the most common topics that come up. You and your family should discuss these prior to considering a remodeling project.

Remodeling Key Concern #1 – How long will you stay there.

Will you be continuing to live there for the next 5 years, 10 to 20, or for a lifetime. A shortterm stay will make the decisions easier.  But if you plan to be there for 10 to 20 years or if it’s a “legacy” home the decisions you make will definitely have an effect on your lifestyle.

Remodeling Key Concern #2 – Quality of life issues

Maybe you have put down roots and have gotten invested in the neighborhood, family friends, or a church. These will be heavily effected if you move rather than remodel your existing home.

Remodeling Key Concern #3 – Health and physical needs

Families who have aging or disabled members might best stay in place.  The ability to “age-in-place” might be critical to the health of older members.

Remodeling Key Concern #4 – Family dynamics and flow

If your family is beginning to bump into each other every where they go in the house. Or there is only one upstairs bathroom shared by everyone in the family. These situations might result in a decision to expand the home if possible.  Adding a bathroom or extending the kitchen.

Remodeling Key Concern #5 – Energy Needs

Consider smart energy upgrades if you plan to stay in the home long term. The eventual savings will benefit you more over the long term. But if you plan to sell it won’t yield the financial gain in the sale price.

Remodeling Key Concern #6 – Renovation vs buying new

Last you should always consider the pros and cons of remodeling to buying new. Or better yet, building your dream home. There is good and bad in all of these decisions. Cost is just one of those concerns.

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