5 Home Renovations for under $5,000

5 Home Renovations for under $5,000

As we enter the summer months in Denver, and with a little more free-time on your hands, you might be thinking of home renovation projects you might be able to complete on a limited budget. Here are 5 Home Renovations you can do for under $5,000.

As a qualifier, I’m a licensed architect, and have some experience with all of the projects listed below. If you are interested in larger projects feel free to contact us about your project. In the meantime, here is the list of 5 Home Renovations for under $5,000.

Home Renovations #1 – Modernize Your Bathroomhome renovations

Always a great place to remodel, it also adds a great amount of value to your house.  Update an old bathroom. Install modern fixtures and finishes. For an average-sized bathroom you will spend between $2,800-$4,700 to do this. The benefit to this renovation is if you sell you will recoup 80% to 90% of what you spent.

Home Renovations #2 – Small-Scale Kitchen Remodel

Like the bathroom, updating fixtures and finishes can make an older kitchen look like a million bucks. A kitchen sink and stone countertops will cost around $4,500 and is something home buyers will look closely at. A kitchen renovation will also add great value if or when you sell.

Home Renovationhome renovationss #3 – Replace Your Entry Door

A new front door is one of the best inexpensive upgrades. It adds great curb appeal and is the first impression of visitors or potential buyers. The first impression will make every other part of the house feel richer. Spending a little more on a hand-carved, custom door will run around $3,000.

Home Renovations #4 – Add a Wood Deck

If you have an outside area adding a small wood deck is a great way to extend your living and entertaining space. Depending on the size a small deck will cost you $1,000-8,500. So you can easily build a wood deck for $5,000.  If you are handy you, might be able to save money if you can do all or part of the installation yourself.

Home Renovation #5 – Create Landscaped Area

Adding an outdoor patio, like a patio will increase your usable living space. Using pavers or flagstone for a patio material look great. Adding flower beds and vegetation will help make a nice visual statement. This will have the added effect of making the patio feel like part of the landscaped areas.

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I hope this helps.  Good luck.

And if you are considering a larger project like, a basement remodel, home addition, or building a custom home, please contact me.  I’d love to help.

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