Colorado Construction Jobs – Show Gains

This article might not appear to benefit a home owner or buyer. But it will be of interest to anyone involved in architecture. Or the construction profession. These gains in Colorado construction jobs over the past year have been impressive. The growth in Colorado is only exceeded by that of six other states.

According to the AGC of America Colorado construction jobs have grown by 7 percent over the past 12 months. Of the 10,500 jobs added, two-thirds where in the metro Denver area.

Colorado Construction Jobs – The Situationcolorado construction jobs

As I have implied in previous posts, Colorado is one of the most attractive places to live these days.  I was born and raised here. And it’s my opinion it has always been a great place to live. Over the past few years Colorado has grown in popularity. And recently it was ranked as one of the top ten places for start-ups.

All of these reasons require places to work and live.  The consequence of that is a greater need for building and a large demand for construction labor.

Colorado Construction Jobs – The Bottom Line

Nationwide, construction spending has increased. Nearly 4.5 percent over the last year.  Residential construction rose 8 percent.  Private non-residential construction increased 3.4 percent. Both are lower than the growth in Colorado. Some of the discrepancy can be attributed to the oil and gas price slump. But this appears to be turning around a bit.

The biggest issue with the growth in construction jobs is the lack of skilled labor. The trades a big hit during the Great Recession and haven’t recovered. So now we are experiencing a huge shortage of skilled workers in the construction trades.

Colorado Construction Jobs – Some Advice

CSU has a 4-year Construction Management degree. It is highly regarded throughout the nation.  I can recommend that program based on my interactions with contractors on jobs. But the industry needs workers now. So I have two other recommendations:

  • Arapahoe Community College offers a Construction Management degree.  Classes you take within the first semester will prepare you for immediate work within the profession immediately
  • Colorado Construction Institute. A non-profit training organization providing pre-apprentice and apprentice programs.

I serve on the board of CCI and the Advisory committee at ACC.  Both are great options and support the immediate needs of the construction trades. And the growth in Colorado construction jobs.

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